About Us

SarcasticPrints is an online wall art store founded by a creative team who believes that you should have fun in everything you do.

Let's face it: sometimes things are kind of a bummer... and there are too many reminders of that. It seems like you can't turn on the TV, watch a movie or even see a comedian without being reminded that bad stuff happens. With our wall art, we wanted to go against that trend and just make you laugh or smile.

Founded in 2019 in Las Vegas, SarcasticPrints was born from the frustration of not being able to find fun wall art that reflected the sarcastic sense of humor that so many of us share. The original designs were all parodies of motivational posters, snarky sayings, and brand logo parodies. As the company has grown, we've added our own line of fun motivational art, and a variety of other designs that make us and our customers smile.

Thanks for checking us out! Whether you hang your new canvas in your office, living room, man-cave or actual cave,
we hope you crack a smile every time you see your new piece of art.